Line 7 Instructions

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Total additional child-rearing costs

The monthly amount of additional child-rearing costs is calculated automatically by adding together each parent's additional child-rearing costs from lines 6a, 6b, 6c and 6d. The combined additional child-rearing costs are calculated by adding together the additional child-rearing costs of each parent.

NOTE: Only the line 7 costs of the parent receiving support, multiplied by the line 4 percentage of the parent paying support, are added to the low income support calculation. Inclusion of the line 7 costs of the parent paying support in the calculation would result in the obligor paying more than 100% of his/her original costs. 

To calculate low income support using the combined line 7 costs (not recommended), click the checkbox on line 7.

 This form will be updated if there are further clarifications from the Supreme Court regarding low income calculations.