Line 5 Instructions

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Basic child support amount

The basic monthly support amount is taken automatically from the "Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations", Supreme Court Rule 88.01, for the parents' combined adjusted income on line 3. Whenever necessary, the combined adjusted income is rounded to the nearest $50.00 ($25.00 and $75.00 are rounded upward) prior to determining the amount entered on line 5.

For low income cases, when the adjusted monthly income (Line 3) of the parent paying support (obligor) falls below a designated amount for the corresponding number of children, the basic child support obligation is the lesser of the support calculated using only the obligor's income and the support calculated using the monthly incomes of both parents. The form automatically calculates for low income and displays the results of the standard calculation and the low income calculation, if applicable. The calculations for low income cases use only the basic child support amount for the obligor’s gross monthly income from line 3, with line 9 consisting of obligor paying 100% of this amount plus the obligor’s percentage from line 4 of the line 7 additional child-rearing costs. Line 4 and line 11 remain the same as the original calculation. The line 11 overnight percentage credit remains the same in both calculations. The lower of the two calculations shown shall be the parent paying support’s basic child support obligation.


  1. For low income calculations, the line 10 credit for additional child rearing costs is given as with the original support calculations.
  2. The percentage credit for overnight visitation used in low income calculations (which is calculated using the income of both parents) is multiplied by the obligor's low income "basic support obligation" rather than the combined "basic support obligation" of both parents. See line 11 instructions.