Line 6d Instructions

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Other extraordinary child-rearing costs

DIRECTIONS: Enter the monthly amount of any other extraordinary child-rearing costs paid or to be paid by the parent by agreement or pursuant to court order for the children who are the subject of this proceeding. If the amount of the actual other extraordinary child-rearing costs for each child is not available or cannot be verified, the amount of the other extraordinary child-rearing costs attributable to each child who is the subject of this proceeding shall be calculated by dividing the total monthly other extraordinary child-rearing costs by the total number of children for whom the other extraordinary child-rearing costs are paid or to be paid.


A. Post-secondary educational expenses and private or parochial elementary, middle and high school expenses are not included in the schedule of basic child support obligations. These expenses may be included in Form No. 14 as an "other extraordinary child-rearing cost" if the parents agree or the court orders that the parents contribute to payment of these expenses.

B. "Other extraordinary child-rearing costs" may include, but are not limited to, the cost of tutoring sessions, special or private elementary and secondary schooling to meet the particular educational needs of a child, camps, lessons, travel and other activities intended to enhance the athletic, social or cultural development of a child.

C. An order may include the cost of tuition, room and board, books, fees and other reasonable and necessary expenses. In determining the amount of these expenses, scholarships, grants, stipends and other cost-reducing programs available to the child should be considered.

CAVEAT: A finding by the court or administrative agency that the presumed child support amount is unjust or inappropriate is not necessary where the parent obligated to pay support is also ordered to pay any percentage of the other extraordinary child-rearing costs of the children who are the subject of the proceeding.